How is library solder bridge avoiding netclass clearance violation?

I have a sort of solder bridge I have been using with KiCad 5 with no problem. when i use the same footprint in v6 i get clearance violations between the bridge and each pad. so i tried the default library solder bridge and no errors. i cannot see where i have anything set or any setting to allow bridges between pads. I want to keep using my symbol / footprint so what setting am i missing in my version of the footprint?

10mil_trace_cut.kicad_mod (1.5 KB)

Without the footprint helping is difficult…

There’s this:

(Can’t remember if that’s in V6 or not though…)

that is exactly what i am looking for. but i cannot find it in v6. Also, the default library solder bridges do not cause errors so there must be a setting somewhere

added an example footprint. two pads with a polygon pad between them. i cannot see the difference between this and one of the default library solder bridges but this causes inspection errors

I think you’re talking about a net tie, not a solder bridge. Do the library footprints contain “net tie” in the Footprint Description?

No, it isn’t in V6
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yes, the solder bridge footprints have net tie solder jumper bridged as a keyword because they are performing a net tie function. Nonetheless, they are solder bridge footprints and symbols. there are also explicit net tie footprints/symbols but, actually, the only difference i can see is nomenclature.

The “net tie” nomenclature is looked at by the software. We plan on having a checkbox for it at some point, but for now it’s a bit of a hack…


Indeed. I must say i wasn’t expecting that and would have never guessed that was the solution.
if i put net tie as a keyword in my footprint it then does not give errors. thank you.

there is another little issue that may need to be addressed when this is formalized… using net tie keyword, when one pad is the same net as a fill, the fill then connects to the bridge which is not desirable. so i had to add a keep out zone around the bridge to keep the fill from covering the bridge


Yeah, there’s a lot that’s sub-optimal about the hack. But it does allow people to do stuff…


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