How install Kicad 6.x on Debian?

How do we install Kicad 6.x on latest Debian (more precisely MX Linux) stable ?
as mainstream repo hasn’t had one

There is no KiCad V6.x.

Debian has never been among the distributions with the quickest update rate, and because of this I never use Debian directly, although I always use a Debian based distribution (I have no interest in learning another package manager, etc).

For the stable version, the most recent is for KiCad V5.1.9 on the KiCad website:

although V5.1.10 has been released some decent time ago.
I got V5.1.10 with regular Linux Mint updates about a week before it was officially announced (Which is normal, when it is announced officially it must be available)

On that same link above there is a mention of installing Kicad-nightly V5.99 for Debian Unstable (Sid).

So I just noticed MX Linux is a separate distribution, with no mention on the KiCad website. Installation procedures are distribution specific, and you’re probably better off with searching for installation on MX. Can MX work with repositories from Sid?


MX is based on Debian stable.
$apt-cache madison kicad
will reveal which repository is included by default from which to obtain kicad.
For example, in my Debian buster stable distribution, which is not MX linux:
$ apt-cache madison kicad
kicad | 5.1.9+dfsg1-1~bpo10+1 | buster-backports/main amd64 Packages
kicad | 5.0.2+dfsg1-1 | buster/main amd64 Packages
shows two different versions are available, 5.0.2 as the default and 5.1.9 as a backport.

You can install 5.1.10 from Sid or 6.0.0 from Experimental.

There’s no 6.0, there’s only 5.99 at the moment. Please be precise to avoid confusion and misunderstandings.

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There is something strange going on with those Debian packages. Not only should there not be a 6.0.0 package (that version doesn’t exist yet), there is also a 5.99.0+really5.1.10+dfsg1-1

That was mentioned in mailing list IIRC: due to one small silly mistake which, because of the rules of Debian, can’t be fixed anymore by changing the name to the correct one.


you should perhaps check these versioning rules with the Debian Package Maintainer.
The package in experimental is called :
Package: kicad (6.0.0~20210702.eff75b6+dfsg1-1)

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But he will have to wait probably to the 6.0 release to get this corrected

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