How i can add my template for ST NUCLEO-32

I create a template for ST NUCLEO-32 and i want shared this template. how i can do it? i have account on GitHub

I have only once experimented a little bit with making templates, and it seemed quite simple and straightforward if you know the steps.
From what I remember:

  1. Make a directory for your own templates.
  2. Make an environment variable to that directory, so KiCad can find it.
  3. Copy a KiCad project to that template directory.
  4. Make an Icon for your template.
  5. Make some html and write an introduction to what your template is.

You can of course use any of the existing templates as an example for making a template :slight_smile:

In the end, the only extra thing for someone to use your template is to copy or clone it into their own template directory.

The loose strings left are mostly about discoverability of your template.
I remember some discussion about adding a system for adding plugins in KiCad, but that does not exist yet. Maybe you can find a KiCad developer who wants to add your template to the “System Templates”.

For better dicoverability you can start with putting your template on gitlab (or github for that matter), and posting a link in this thread.

The best resource for other projects around KiCad probably is:

(It’s got some 60+ links) while

only lists 5.

One level higher in the xesscorp repositories there are also some templates (raspi-hat) which may be the same as in the “System Templates”, and therefore mailing xesscorp may be a good idea.

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