How do you pass a correction to PCB from layout?

I am creating an isolated USB connection and so there are 5v,ground etc on both sides which I have called different names. I added capacitors on the input lines to both sides but didn’t change the label names DOH!! and now in PCB I’ve noticed that it is trying to short across the capacitors. I’ve fixed this on the layout but now I have a stray “unconnected” wire in PCB. The entire board is finished so I don’t want to have to re-route it all again…

Have you changed the schematic, updated the netlist and read it from the PCB tool? What version of KiCad are you using?

Edit: maybe you want to delete unconnected tracks when you import the netlist?

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Thanks. I did all the stuff you said but didn’t see the “Delete unconnected tracks” option in the import.

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