How do you pan in Open GL mode?

Hello, everybody.

I am exploring further the 2014 version of pcb-new (kicad BZR5101-product), and I cannot figure out how to pan the board in Open GL “F11” canvas mode? There are no scrollbars anymore and I fail to find the information in the help files…
I am on a windows 7 notebook without the mouse (and no scrolling wheel).

If anybody knows, I’d like too :slight_smile:

I had this same problem a few months ago. You need to click the center mouse button inside the window and then drag in order to scroll. Of course, since I have a scroll wheel, I also get an unwanted zoom-in/out while I do that. It’s annoying as hell. I thought the lack of scroll bars was a bug, but I was told it is the desired behavior.

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Ah, I read more carefully and I see you have no mouse at all! Sorry about that. I guess you need to find out how your laptop trackpad emulates a center-button click-and-drag.

Ok, I understand why I couldn’t pan at all: my notebook has its middle knob reassigned to left knob (they do the same thing basically).
What a mess, I don’t understand why Kicad should have different set of hotkeys in different graphic modes…

Not sure if this helps at all, but on my mac where I am running a virtual machine running Ubuntu, I need to hold down the Command key and then click with the primary (left) mouse. This does that “pan” action, though I’m used to windows machines where the center button (part of the scroll wheel) is the default way of panning.

Not exactly panning, but you can use F4 to re-center the view around the mouse-pointer.

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@madworm, F4 doesn’t work in Open GL mode…

It kinda works with 5110. At least it re-centers the view, but don’t hold down F4. Single presses only.

not in 5101 I have here… what is your OS? I am on W7-64…

maybe F4 have just been implemented because your build is more recent.

I use the Antarctic bird OS.

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Allright, so another difference which could explain the discrepancy then.
I’ll try to compile the latest product branch, looks like it was advanced to 5111 already.