How do you log out of the Forum?

This is embarrassing . . . and awkward . . . . but I can’t find the link to log off the forum.

In the recent past I recall clicking on my avatar icon, which opened a drop-down list of recent notifications, and at the bottom of the list was a “Logout” link. It doesn’t seem to be there any more!

I’m viewing the Forum with Firefox on a Win10 machine.


Click on your avatar, then click on your name on the top left of the dropdown. Another dropdown will appear with Log out as the last selection.


Thanks! I’m not accustomed to look for a basic “Logout” button buried that many layers down. Heck, I don’t even see any indication that there MIGHT be more menus buried under that “Username” field. (If I had to guess, I’d suspect that clicking on my name took me to settings about my user profile, preferences, etc.)


I’m the original disaster kid, poke everything, press every button. Good thing I didn’t take up chemistry or nuclear engineering.

Not sure why you want to log off and it doesn’t matter really. :wink: I have my browsers set to flush cookies when I close the program. This always logs me off.

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