How do you do a copy and paste to start a topic?

I am trying to copy a page, or part of a page, from a pdf and paste it in the body of the text of a new topic. I try to do copy and paste but it doesn’t work for me. How do you do this? I have seen other topic messages where stuff has been pasted in, but I can’t get it to work for me. There is an icon that is for “Hyperlink” but there is no icon for adding a file. What to do?

Some pdfs are protected… copy&paste of content doesn’t work on them.

An option then is to do a screenshot of the interesting part/page/etc. and post that instead. That’s also the most sensible if you want to show drawings.
See here and in the following posts:

PS: to add images to a post there is a upload button… 3 to the right of the link button or you can just drag&drop the image/content onto the post and it will upload automatically (if the content is accepted by the filter).

This is what I get when I do the “Upload”: IEC60617 Symbols.pdf (12.1 KB). I have tried to do copy and paste but the paste is grayed out and will not work. I have tried to do a PrtScn and an Alt PrtScn but neither of them works.

. This is what I get when I do the Snipit. Never heard of that function before this–thanks.

If I want to post a screenshot of a small dialog box (not wider than say 1000 pixels) I just have that dialog active/on top and hit [Alt]+[PrtScrn] and here in that post window I hit [Ctrl]+[V].
For bigger screenshots I usually take them into a paint program and reduce the size, before pasting.
For files I either drag&drop them or use the upload button.

But as we can see it worked for you, which is nice.