How do you connect connect two pins, electrically

Hi all,
when designing a new symbol there is a need to connect together two pins electrically.
This is so that PCB New shows the connection has to be made.
In my particular case I have a PCB Relay with Bifurcated pins that must be connected together.
Any help, please?
Francesco C

Have you drawn a schematic? You need to. Please provide more details.

I think I understand what you want: a symbol where you specify at the symbol level that some pins are shorted together electrically (but not all pins). This is not currently possible in KiCad but will come in version 7 (this is a variant of a net tie).

The way to do it in current versions of KiCad is to just add the two pins in the symbol, and make sure to connect them both to the same net in the schematic. Unfortunately there is no way to guarantee they are connected other than manually doing so in your schematic.

Well you can stack them. Meaning one pin is set to visible with the correct pin type and all others are placed at the same position but hidden (can or possibly should be set to passive as the electrical type). This is how it is required for the official library.

And it is the only option if working with pins set to output or power output without weakening ERC or creating a ton of false positives.

For rules regarding the official lib
And a bit of information is also in Electrical type of schematic symbol pins (KiCad 4 and KiCad 5)


That’s true, it’s a good point. Stacking does work but has the downside that all pins will be on the same net (which is sometimes fine depending on the application, like with stacked power pins, or shield pins on a connector)

Thank You to all for the advice. I will go for stacking.

Just realize, if give pin the same number they become connected.
Francesco C

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