How do I turn off the "open source hardware" icons on schematics made with the Aisler-2layer or similar github templates?

I’m trying to create a small (10cm x 7.5 cm, 2-layer, simple) board using the “Aisler net beautiful boards, 2-layer simple” template provided on but can’t find a way to get it to stop adding the “open source hardware” logo ( to the left of the blueprint title block on every page of the schematic and layout. Every page.

This looks to be specific to this set of templates; if I pick one of the standard templates (such as Pi plate, PI plate 40 pins, PI hat, Arduino of various flavours) the title block is fine, if I pick one of the board manufacturer KiCAD templates from the github repository it starts placing the open-source-hw logo onto every page of my drawings.

KiCAD is open-source, but individual boards designed with it might not be if I’ve designed something for a client for hire and they own the blueprints. How do I turn off the open-source logo, which appears not to be a library footprint in this instance but something which is actually embedded in the project templates?

The open hardware logo is a part of the “Page Layout” and you can modify the page layout with the page layout editor :slight_smile:

Therefore, open the template itself as a normal KiCad project and then use the rightmost icon in KiCads project manager.

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