How do I set the length of a track?

In Kicad 6, how do I change the settings to tune the length of a track? I am also trying to set this with DRC rules, but it is not working.

Found this image here in this forum, but I could not find a way to open this window yet. This one is for a single track, but I am also looking for a way to do the same for a differential pair.

Got the reference from here.

  1. PCB Editor / Route / Tune Length of a single Track
  2. Select a track to tune.
  3. Right click and select Length Tuning Settings [Ctrl + L] from the popup menu.


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Ah, the menu appears only after having done steps 1 and 2, got it. Thanks.

… or hotkey ‘7’ for step 1.


Now, since the process to access this menu is hidden behind steps 1 and 2, the shortcut for getting this window could be a single key like "L (case insensitive of course).

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