How do I set a distances between nets?

Hi everyone, I’m working about a project and I’m using the auto-routing plugin to route my pcb, it works good but when I turn back into pcb part of cicada and I launch ERC control I have an error about the distances between a lot of nets/vias, how do I set a distances between them, like when I’m setting the classes into the auto-router page I thought there would be an option to set this distances but there isn’t.
Thank youuuu :heart:

It’s DRC for layouts, ERC is for schematics.

I think the distances you talk about are called clearances and there are project wide settings for those, but defaults should work. What happens when you route by hand? Are the clearances respected?

Sorry don’t know any more. Haven’t had such a thing happen to me.

If you think it’s an autorouter (Freerouting?) problem, then you have to take this issue to their Github page as it’s not part of KiCad, only connected via the plugin mechanism.

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