How do I send in my personal Kicad footprints for use in Kicad libs

There are a lot of great footprints in the standard libraries that download with Kicad, I have made some footprints that I think aught to be in there (like a 2 channel opto 8-SMD package). Is there a process where I send in my footprint, someone reviews it and then adds it into the library?


I’m actually wondering this myself. You can send in footprints or symbols by submitting a pull request on Github (if you know what I’m talking about, go PR the relevant repository), but I think we ought to have a newbie-friendly way to submit them as well. Not everyone with enough EE background to make a proper footprint or symbol has the computing background to “get” git.

By thisI am assuming that I pull down from the current library on github and then add my stuff and push it back? Does someone on the Kicad team then merge my push into the main branch? I am pretty familiar with git even though I am an EE, I however prefer and use mercurial.

Not quite. Fork the repository onto your own account. Pull (clone) that locally, add your stuff, and push back to your own. Then submit a pull request. A library maintainer will then look over the request and merge it if it’s acceptable.

Speaking of which, you may want to have a look at the KiCad Library Convention first, as this is how they’ll decide whether it’s acceptable.

Okay thanks for the insight! I will wait until I am done this current design I am on, I think I will have a few more components to add by then!