How do I save symbols in a project specific library in KiCAD 6?

I have a schematic imported from Altium. The symbols show up just fine on the schematic, but the library it’s trying to pull them from does not exist. I assume they are cached somewhere.

I want to create a library to put them in, so I tried creating a project specific library and saving them in there one at a time. That’s a slow process.
After a while of doing this, most of the symbols I saved disappeared from the library. I have no idea why most were gone but some stayed.
I still have the symbols showing just fine in the schematic.

Clearly I’m doing this the wrong way. Is there a correct way to do this?

Edit for claification:
I select the symbol > edit symbol > “save as” in my new library > save > change symbol > select the symbol that was just saved. Eventually those saved symbols just disappear.

Edit 2: I figured out why stuff got deleted. I saved a symbol with a / in the name. Still interested in finding a way to save all symbols in a schematic to a library.

Unfortunately (as far as I know) there is no built-in way to save all symbols in a schematic to a library.

In the PCB Editor, there is a File > Export > Footprints to Library option. That hasn’t been implemented for the Schematic Editor yet. If you are interested in seeing that feature come sooner rather than later, consider giving it a thumbs up at the issue on Gitlab:

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