How do i remove block operation?

I want to remove block operation.
I search about this issue in this community.

Do I have to install openGL???

pls help me.


I have no clue what you’re trying to figure out. Can you explain it further?

I don’t have a version with the legacy canvas installed, but IIRC this Block Operation belongs to the legacy canvas. That will be completely removed on all platforms in the future, so yes, you should start using the modern canvas if at all possible. It can be selected in the main menu somewhere (depends on your KiCad version, I think), probably in Preferences.

The hardware accelerated version needs OpenGL but the fallback non-accelerated version of that canvas doesn’t need it. Use OpenGL if possible, but if your machine doesn’t have it or it doesn’t work, try the fallback.

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written for v4 but still valid (as the v5 names are mentioned as well) Pcb_new: What is a canvas? (default [legacy], open-gl [accelerated] and cairo [fallback]) Is there a difference?

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