How do I quickly view all details of my selected footprint


I find the “View selected footprint” option within cvPcb to not be that helpful. I want to see specific pad size dimensions, and to do that, I seem to have to run the footprint editor, and manually search and load up the footprint.

Is there an easy way to get from my current “View selected footprint” window, to the editor version so I can see more details?


I do not really understand why there is a “footprint viewer” in KiCad.
Why not discard it completely and simply use the footprint editor in all places the Footprint Viewer is used?
The only functionality in the Viewer I see is a button to directly show the 3D object.

Picking a component in CvPcb and then being able to verify and / or edit it directly seems to be a nice function for library management.

Duplicating stuff between the “Library viewer” and Library editor" seems like a double effort and waste of developer / maintenance time to me.


See .

(Although the extra overhead here pales in comparison to the overhead of maintaining multiple canvases.)


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