How do I move the edge/boundary + the copper layers with respect to the circuit?

The TL;DR is in the title.

I designed a PCB that is an alternative for a standard sized case. I have the KiCad files for a PCB that fits the case, and I want to match the boundaries and the mount holes.

This is my first kicad project, and I completed the design without considering these factors. What I need is a way to move the shapes on the edge cuts layer with respect to everything else.

If this were Adobe Illustrator, I would select the contents of a layer, group them, and enter coordinates with respect to an origin. If there is an equivalent way of working in KiCad, I haven’t yet found it. Can anyone here help?


What do you mean by ‘copper layers’?

Legacy canvas mode (F9) has a block selection operation where you can choose what goes into that group.
If you then also (after the selection dialog closes) don’t move your mouse and use the relative coordinate readout, reset the readout with [Space] to zero and use the keyboard arrow keys for moving the selection you can achieve what you want.
The grid would then need to be set to the smallest denominator you want to be able to move.
And after you got it moved where it should be, just left click with the mouse without moving it.

You got a screenshot that would be suited to explain your aim a bit more clearly?

Another option is to create (at least for the mechanical side of things) a footprint that contains the holes, outline, aso… and use that as reference that can be moved without changing relative mechanical coordinates.
See this thread:

I apologise for the poor terminology - I’m learning this mainly to create my own Keyboard PCB, so all the details are late to the show!

Here’s a close-up of the bottom-right hand corner of my PCB:

The yellow corner line is on the ‘Edge.Cuts’ layer and you can also see the edges of the F.Cu and B.Cu layers. Those are the ‘copper layers’ I was refereing to.

What I want to do is move those three layers with respect to the rest of my layout work. I have already completed the circuit design and everything is where it should be excpet those three layers:

If there was a way to ‘nudge’ the edge cuts and front/back copper layers, I don’t know it. The guide I followed to get started was limited, that’s why I turned to the official forums for answers!

This is my first design, and I know I should have positioned everything more exactly to begin with, but I having positioned the circuit, I don’t want to start the whole thing again just to position those layers.

How do I do that?

You don’t need to worry about the copper fill zones.
Draw them as big as you want (if we’re talking just simple GND filled zones here that don’t overlap other zones?) as just the area INSIDE the outline of your pcb will be filled anyway.

The outline you can move like this:

  • switch view to Legacy Canvas [F9]
  • no tool selected, draw selection bracket over EVERYTHING
  • dialog should pop up
  • select only outline layer to be affected
  • have fun…

PS: moving this big selection by a definite amount of mm/inch is somewhat tricky, but can be done.
Set the grid to the smallest unit you want to be able to move before selecting anything.
Once you got the selection OK-ed, keep your mouse steady and do NOT MOVE it.
Hit [Space] to reset the relative readout at the bottom right of the window, then use the other hand to move the selection with the arrow keys.
Once happy that the position is correct, very carefully click the left mouse button without moving the mouse.

Ctrl-m gets you the relative move function, too.

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