How do I move lines from odd angles to V/H?

I asked this in my “funky behaviour” thread, but it’s been ignored in the discussion of
unwanted net merges.

I’m doing my schematic routing orthogonally (I prefer to control it myself rather than turn
on the V/H snap). But when I move portions about, it inevitably leaves previously-orthogonal
lines off at odd angles that I then want to correct. Is there any way to select a vertex for
moving, or do I really have to delete and re-route the line?

Put your mouse cursor over the corner/edge you want to move and press the g key? Is that what you want?

Kicad 7 (which will be released at the end of january) can keep lines orthogonal when dragging symbols.

Thanks - I’ll check shortly. I guess I have to study the hotkeys a little further - I’m really
not accustomed to having to go to the keyboard for functions that should be available
by mouse. What is “g” mnemonic for? Grab? Grid?

I sincerely hope that’s a feature that can be (en)(dis)abled, because my first instinct is
that doing that risks adding a storm of new vertices that will in turn invite accidental
connections where they previously weren’t. Much safer to leave them rubberbanded
and let the user reroute them.

grab. (or possibly drag)

I’m not sure, but I suppose it probably can. But from what I’ve seen the new behavior seems to be sensible and will probably create less unwanted connections that the current versions.

That is absolutely the most terrifying phrase one can ever hear from a programmer.

The above answers are not quite correct.
“G” means “draG” as opposed to “M” = “Move”.
You’ll reach both functions by right-clicking the node.

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The many shortcut keys in KiCad are quite handy because they give quick access to a lot of different functions, but for this you do not need it. You can just move the mouse to a corner, press and hold down the left mouse button and then drag the corner to some other location. Do NOT select the line before you start dragging, because if you do so then the selected line will move (and therefore keep it’s orientation) while the line segments attached to it get dragged.

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