How do I migrate kicad 5 symbols to 6?

specifically vendor libraries like Digi-Key and Sparkfun, and some user generated like Teensy 3.x and Pololu.

I tried simply adding the old .lib files to the new directory, but they didn’t get picked up.

The closest my Google Fu was able to get me was a migration tool but I can’t locate it either standalone or in the menus.

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Preferences → Manage Symbol Libraries… → Migrate Libraries?

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Thanks you @Franzee for pointing out what I obviously missed :slight_smile:

But now I’m totally confused.

Here are my directory preferences:

so you see where the path is OneDrive\KiCad Files\Symbols

Here is the directory:

Here is what KiCad Manage Libraries displays (after stopping and re-starting the app several time)

So my first question is, where is KiCad getting these files if they aren’t on the specified path?

And my second question is when I hit Migrate it tells me to highlight a file to convert, but the .lib and .dcm files are not in the list and thus I can’t highlight them.

Probably another obvious thing that I missed, thank you for your patience.


Ok, I was able to work around this by going to the project-specific libraries, adding it there and then migrating it.

Thank you for the pointer!!


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