How do I make my library globally available?


I have created a library of symbols (RixSymbols) and in one project it is available and all works okay

but when I create a new project is it not

How do I make the library (and a complementary footprints (.pretty) folder) available in any project I create?


In 4.0.7, there are no global symbol libraries but to make a library available to all new projects add it to the project template file, which by default is C:\Programs\KiCad\share\kicad\template\ You may need admin rights to edit it. For existing projects you will still need to add it specificall to each project.

Footprints are easier, you just add an entry to the global footprints table.


Windows 7 64 bit.
I work with admin rights and I had a problem with updating (not sure what exactly - it was one year ago). Because of this I installed KiCad once more but not in default (Program Files) directory but in other directory and Windows unhooked from
I am mowing to KiCad very slowly and I’m not sure yet how I’ll be working, but I don’t expect to use ‘New Project’ menu. is far away from my working directory (which I backup every day) and I wont to have all my settings backuped I would rather just copy and rename my previous project or may be have special ‘’ with all my settings just to copy and rename for each new project.


That’s a cool idea. :star_struck:


KiCad does not appear to provide the functionality to simply load my and Save As it to a new name. You have to go to your projects folder, copy your EmptyProject folder and rename it to your new project name - then open that folder and rename the files in it accordingly.

Bit of a drag, but it does the job. :sweat_smile:


That’s a scary prospect. :anguished: There are files in that I feel are unsafe for the beginner like me to invade. :dizzy_face: I’ll just let lying dogs sleep. :sleeping:


My (maybe overly simplistic) answer is:
Personally I refuse to put much effort into library management for V4.0.7 this close to the release of V5.0.

Something that can never hurt:
Make a project with a schematic + PCB for each of your own libraries.
It is very likely that you will always be able to extract “real” libraries from them.
Printing these libraries (on real paper, or to PDF) will also give you an overview you can easily browse or look at to compare with other stuff.


Thanks. Isn’t that what I did with I’ll put a schematic using my own symbols and a pcb using my own footprints into it. When I create a new project from EmptyProject I can just delete the old stuff and start anew knowing I have access to my libraries.


You still continue to ignore the prior advice given by members who have spent their personal time to help you out.

@bobc already told you:


I already investigated that prospect and replied to bobc

Contrary to popular opinion, I don’t ignore advice. If you paid attention you would see that some advice conflicts with, sometimes contradicts, other advice. It is seldom possible to follow all the various advice given. In that situation I have to take what appears to be the most appropriate course for someone with my limited experience.

This never means that someone’s advice was arbitrarily ignored! :unamused:


You do, in fact, keep ignoring very good advice that others spent their time to provide that information for free to you.

I’m out; not spending any more of my time on topics of yours that other members have already spent their time to answer you.


There was one situation I recall where someone pointed me to the answer to the same question I had asked some days previously. I am sorry. My memory never was photographic (and aging hasn’t helped it) so I might occasionally lose track along the twisting way that is often the way to the answer.

I try to answer each posting individually (or at least acknowledge them). That should show I have read them.


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