How do i make a rgb led neopixel light to be white?

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so i’m trying to light-up a neopixel to be white but can also be turned blue how would i go about starting to do that? ps i’m new
this is the led and foot print im using

Unfortunately this has nothing to do with how the neopixel LED is mounted. The RGB mix is controlled by the signals that are sent to the chain of LEDs. So this is not a KiCad question and you should look for a tutorial on the Internet on how these neopixel LEDs work and how they should be wired up. For example here is the first hit I got from a search:

You could also ask ChatGPT to give an informal explanation. I won’t repeat the session I had but a couple of questions you could ask it are: How do neopixels work? and What kind of signal should I send a neopixel?

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Ok, I think there are enough pointers to answers for this non-KiCad question for anyone who stumbles upon this thread, so closing the thread.