How do I launch Kicad Flatpak from CLI?

Kicad 6.0.9 was released but I could not see it on its PPA yet. Some packages are 6.0.9 and some are still 6.0.8.

kicad/jammy,now 6.0.8-0-202209301652+f2edbf62ab~116~ubuntu22.04.1 amd64 [residual-config]
  Electronic schematic and PCB design software

kicad-dbg/jammy 6.0.8-0-202209301652+f2edbf62ab~116~ubuntu22.04.1 amd64
  Debug symbols for kicad

kicad-demos/jammy,jammy 6.0.8-0-202209301652+f2edbf62ab~116~ubuntu22.04.1 all
  Common files used by kicad

kicad-doc-en/jammy,jammy 6.0.9-0-202210312008+1929~33~ubuntu22.04.1 all
  Kicad help files (English)

kicad-footprints/jammy,jammy 6.0.9-0-202210312007+6705da57c~11~ubuntu22.04.1 all
  Kicad footprints (modules)

kicad-libraries/jammy,jammy 6.0.9-0-202210312003+9~ubuntu22.04.1 all
  KiCad meta-package for deps to all libraries

kicad-packages3d/jammy,jammy 6.0.7-0-202207270742+cd9551df~9~ubuntu22.04.1 all
  Kicad packages3d (3d models for footprints)

kicad-symbols/jammy,jammy 6.0.9-0-202210312006+0d9559df~7~ubuntu22.04.1 all
  Kicad symbols (schematic)

kicad-templates/jammy,jammy 6.0.9-0-202210312006+ae2b46f~9~ubuntu22.04.1 all
  Kicad templates

Some languages were removed from the list above to keep the list short.

Observe the mix of versions, in the list.

Well, trying snapd flatpak which is version 6.0.9 already but I cannot launch or find it in the command line.

Why? I would like to check if there are new commands that can be run through the command line.


Actually I found it here


It looks like there is no indication it has command-line arguments to export things and check its version yet.

Wait until the PPA is ready. Just my recommendation.

I don’t get it. It looks ready

Ah, I installed the Flathub version, not the Snap one, actually. I fixed this above.

This one is ready too. But how do you launch it from the command line?

Like this?


It seems it does not have any command line parameters. I was thinking it could export files from the command line and check DRC/ERC or do some basic stuff from there. But it may happen maybe in the next version, then.

You are thinking about features that were added to the nightly build (6.99). Those aren’t released in 6.0 bugfix releases.

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Ah, alright. Thanks for clarifying @craftyjon

Kicad 6.99 is still compatible with 6.0?

Just ran an apt update/upgrade. 6.0.9 is there now.

Yeah, it took more time than I was expecting. Thanks dude.

6.99 can of course read files from 6.0, but anything you save using 6.99 can’t be read with 6.0 anymore. So be careful.


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