How do I import an LTspice file (.asc) into KiCad?

How do I import a LTSpice file (.asc) into Kicad?
I saw this code here, but I am not sure it is implemented in Kicad:

I’ve posted a few times on How To Do It… from Kicad To LTspice so, I imagine you can figure out how to Reverse it
(most likely, want the .CIR and change the Name to make NGspice happy (i.e., .NET) and tweak contents as needed.

I have Not gone the Reverse direction so, post your results…

Dear Blackcoffee,
If I understood correctly your suggestion, unfortunately, there is no option in LTSpice to export a netlist file in Kicad format.

• Many different Simulation App’s so, it shouldn’t be a surprise to Not find Exports/Saves for ‘Specific’ App’s such as Kicad and the host of others.

• Perhaps the real “…unfortunately…” part is that you may not have explored LTspice to see how to Export/Save it’s Netlist and/or get it’s content.

• I leave ‘what to do with the Exported/Saved Net’ up to you, and it may require some Googling (and, I’m not sure Kicad’s NGspice will be satisfied). However, the StandAlone version of NGspice may be a better approach (and, once done, Kicad may be happy with results…)

• That said, video below shows how to get the Netlist from LTspice (other than using it’s .cir file). Also contains a Log file…etc, if needing it for inspection.

At the end, it seems to be easier to me to elaborate a new schema in Kicad instead of figuring out which netlist format can be read by Kicad. Thanks anyway!

KiCad as of now has no support to read a LTspice schematic file as schematic. the only think which I think is possible is importing the netlist file which defines the items for the simulation in the background. but the schematic for probing etc. needs to be created from scratch.

It is indeed based on the prototype developed by Chetan Shinde (linked in the first post of this thread).