How do I help make Kicad better

I know I am being extremely lazy by posting this here and not searching the internet, but frankly this seems to be the most busy place on the interwebs for kicad. So this post is here for visbility and internet traffic reasons.

I am an EE by training and have a passion for open source anything. I am currently designing an open source motor drive for teaching the DIY hacker crowd about how PID loops, motor control etc works. I see that Kicad has potential, and also that Kicad has very few people working on it to make it better.

I would like to help fix Kicad bugs, which is someting only a handful of crazy nut jobs have said before. I have programmed in Java and python before, and dabbled in C++. I am not totally inept when it comes to algorithmic coding, however I am not well versed in how OS programs run or interact with the OS. If somebody who is working on Kicad is willing to trade a little bit of hand holding for another person on board to help make Kicad the next Ubuntu for PCB design, I am willing to help.

I don’t have 40 hours a week to put in, but I would assume anything is better than nothing!

@c4757p you seem to be someone who could give me some insight to this question.

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