How do I etch a logo onto my board?


I used Bitmap2Component to generate a .kicad_wks file which I then copied to my personal footprints folder. I expected to insert is the same way as a footprint, but it doesn’t appear in the list when I try. A similar file (.kicad_mod) does show up and insert but it is an awful rendition of the logo. Is the .kicad_wks image liable to be better, and how do I insert it on my PCB?


kicad_wks is just for the page layout, so forget about that, you need a kicad_mod.

Yes, Bitmap2Component is designed to reduce the amount of data generated, and does not always work well depending on the logo. There are other tools that might work better e.g.


or also svg2mod if the original file is a vector graphic.


Nice to know. Thanks


Thanks bob. I tried image2mod on-line but it threatens me with a vastly oversized footprint. I have queried this and I’ll post the outcome.


vagulus, for the bitmap2mod tool, pick a large input image, and change the dpi setting until it matches the dimensions you want, I found it doesnt loose as much detail this way, however there is a limit. because your design rules will dictate how thin a line can be


Now I have a strange thing. I click the image button and get told that bitmap2mod tool has started but it doesn’t appear on my desktop.
What’s the solution to that?


Thanks for that Rerouter. I have some problem getting bitmap2component to work. I’ll have to get on to that before I try your suggestion.


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