How do i enable a pin in kicad for a LDO

How do i enable a pin when i am taking the output from 12 V DC to 5V or 3.3V.
Should i connect it to a microcontroller or any other solution available?

Usually just the supply rail.
Check the datasheet.

It is better to ask electronic design questions on a general electronics forum.

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To get 5V from 12V I use L7805:

It just works without need to enable any pin.
So I don’t understand what you are asking about.

You don’t state which regulator you are talking but the enable pin will, well, ‘enable’ the regulator!

If you want the regulator on all the time, you simply pull it up to supply voltage. This should be clear from the datasheet. The point about choosing a regulator with an enable pin is that you can control the regulator output - for instance, as you suggested by using a micro controller or with some other analog circuit, for instance to introduce a startup delay.
Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 11.52.43

If you just need a constant regulator supply there are many regulators like an LM7805 which do not have an enable pin.

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ya for small current applications
I chose this

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