How do i do this in my own footprint?


How do i do this in my footprint ?
I want half THT on a PCB layout ( Like in ESP8266-12E/ESP-12E for program it )
I have see it some ware but now can i not find it… =o(

Thx in advanced…

Some one who have a link or some good How to do… i can raed…?

This from the FAQ is a good guide.
Others will comment later.

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My PCB manufacturer (local) said that if pad protrudes beyond the outline of the PCB than they know that I want PCB with metallization at edge. I have ordered such PCBs but it was before I started to use KiCad.

As far as I know this is the de facto standard interpretation. I’m not sure if the pads in the image have half-holes or sharper v-shaped cuts, but the idea is the same, and normal half-holes should do.

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