How do I disable the "View Preset" window? v8-rc2

Is there a way to disable this “View Preset” window when hitting “h” on Board Editor?
This window helps nothing, and it just slows down the usability.

Just edit your hotkeys, should be enough.


Great @RaptorUK, thank you.

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It is getting really hard to find settings, especially if you don’t know they exist yet.
Devs could think about implementing something to search for the settings.

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Devs could think about implementing something to search for the settings.

Out of curiosity, without knowing the text of this setting, what search term would you have expected to help you find this one?

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For me, literally anything, like when I go out on Google. You could type anything (regexp not wildcards) and check the short list of results below. Nothing fun there? Change the search pattern a bit… (single input line, same short list of characters to type to remove text and start it all over again) and check the shortlist at the output… in the same place. You don’t have to go into the jungle with a knife on your lips to hunt that thing where it hides itself. You just have to type and see.

Okay, interesting response. I’m not sure what jungles or knives have to do with my original question: what would you have “searched for” to find this particular setting?

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“Literally anything”. Any word or expression, that can be related to that topic and give results including the one that was shown above.

Isnt’t it called, the learnig curve? :slight_smile:
“Help” would be the right place to search for an answer. They’re scarce goods nowadays, however. Why have help if we have the whole Internet :wink: and seriously, writing documentation is the least fun job in doing things.
Not sure if embedding Google in Kicad would be a good idea, though.

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