How do I cycle changing selected layer?

What is the shortcut to cycle the selected layer through all the layers?

I am looking for an easy way to review all the layers of my board, visually, having the highlight mode selected.

Also, Ctrl+Tab to change presets is horrible to use. It opens a small window and slows down the whole process. It should change the preset directly. And also, even worse, it requires clicking or hitting enter to have the item selected. And also, hitting Ctrl+Tab one more time, changes the whole menu order. It fries my brain changing the order of the menu.

It would be way better if Ctrl+Tab changes the preset, automatically, in a cyclic way, forward and Ctrl+Shit+Tab backward. The indication of the active profile would be the profiles list itself.

Hotkey ‘+’ or ‘-’ backwards

These are the default shortcuts for changing layers:

+/- is probably what you’re looking for.

Thanks. Checking it here too. It looks like - and +. just cycle through the cooper layers, not all layers.

Now, it would be also nice to have the = added to the + to select the next one, so it won’t need the “Shift” since + is not the direct function of this key.

Having the = instead of + could give the possibility to use the Shift to allow cycling through noncopper layers too. But this could be done using Ctrl instead, too.

@gkeeth this screenshot does not look right. It should tell that it cycles only copper layers and not all layers. This may be a bug then.


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Yeah, only copper layers. So my advice was sh** :slight_smile:

haha, no, it is good, so it may be a bug since the shortcuts list does not tell it is only copper layers.

Personally I am fine with the current implementation. Do you really want to cycle through all layers you have, including paste, adhesive, user layers, fab, courtyard and more … ?

I interpreted it as only the text was buggy and should be:

Switch to Next Copper Layer


Switch to Previous Copper Layer

Switching quickly between copper layers is logical to me, as you do that quite a lot during routing, but including all the other layers with the plus and minus keys does not seem very useful to me.

Yeah, but buggy, and definitely not what I am looking for.

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