How do I cut and paste shematics?

Ok, what am I missing here?
I am running kicad Eschema 5.1.5-3 Win-10 and I am trying to
cut-and-paste from one schematic to another schematic (two
separate files, trying to start one project from another).

I have tried opening one file, select block control c,
but the paste option remained grey’ed out.

I have tried selecting a block and then going right-click
“copy block” but again in the new schematic, there is no
option for paste.

Surely I am doing something wrong, as there is no way
they would not have cut-and-paste working, but simulation
is a “go” ??


You must have missed what I have written 5 days ago:

Not trying to be a jerk or anything, and in fact I am very grateful for Kicad, but can we get this fixed so tht it works in the “normal” projects? Sorry, I am a 20 year veteran of Eagle.

PS: Death to Cadsoft / Autodesk. You broke a great product with your rent-to-never-own agreement.

The right place for asking for new features is the bug report system (don’t remember - must be the link from main KiCad www).
Here is the users forum.

Eeschema has been changed considerably after version 5 for the future version 6. Copying between project should work normally when v6 is released.

Eeschema has been behind in development until now; many other things, too, will be more like modern desktop application users would expect.

I appreciate the hard work. Kicad is an amazing project.

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