How do I create an arc? I need a slot on board edge

With a round bottom. PCBNew instructions mention arc, but the edit circle does not show any start stop degrees. Newbee

The arc tool is below the circle tool in the right hand toolbar.

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I’ve made a video about this one before, since I got sick of making boards that had super sharp corners:

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When you’re moving from one corner of the board to another I hear a lot of mouse scratching and clicking. Over the years I’ve learned that zooming out on one corner and then zooming in on the new corner (with the scrollwheel) works a lot better.

I also find it strange you delete the orignial rectangle and draw a new lines. If you click on a line the endpoints get highlighted and you can simply drag the endpoints, which saves another round of panning over the board.

Yep, good point, others pointed that out in the video comments. I was very used to the old method where you couldn’t click and drag outlines! It’s much better now :slight_smile:

@john1w You may have a look at this alternative approach…

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