How do I copy a track name/label on Kicad 6?

Hitting E on a track opens its properties but there is no text label that I can select/copy text. The bottom panel does not allow this too. It would be really nice if Kicad allows us to copy text freely. I think this is a common practice on Linux. Not sure about other systems tho.

Also, clicking a track does not highlight it on Eeschema. This behavior has changed on Kicad 6?

Tracks don’t have names or labels. What do you mean?

Tracks are in PCB, not schematic, so what do you mean? Cross-probe highlighting between the schematic and the layout? It should work if you have the “Highlight wires and pins of a net” tool active in the Schematic Editor, the second tool in the right hand toolbar.

(EDIT: actually the tool may not be needed, at least in 6.99. Just highlight a net in the Layout Editor and it’s highlighted in the Schematic Editor, too. But otherwise I see some problems in cross-probing in 6.99.)

The name of the net. How do I copy the net name of the track?

You can’t copy/paste net names on copper objects at the moment. You’ll be able to do that in V7.

oh v7! really? it is useful for creating rules. what about to have this to 6.1? too much of work? a simple label with the selected net name when hitting E on top of a track would do it.

As a workaround you can always copy them from the schematic.
In the schematic all net names are just editable labels.
KiCad can make good use of either (or both) big monitors or a dual (triple?) monitor setup.

There have also been quite a lot of changes in KiCad V6, and a lot of them are not so very easy to discover. One thing of interest to you may be Eeschema / File / Schematic Setup / Project / Net Classes.
Over there you can:

  • Create net classes.
  • Assign nets to them.
  • Set colors and line thickness to be used in the schematic.

About triple monitors:
Recently I ran out of desktop space, and remembered I had an (20 years?) old monitor. It’s 12" or so and just 1024*768. I did not expect much but out of curiosity I did add it to my desktop anyway, and it turned out to be a useful addition. Much more useful then I thought it would be. I can put an editor there to make notes or a python console which I regularly use for making calculations.

We don’t plan to have a 6.1

Yeah, I wanted to do that too. But clicking on a track did not select it in the schematic as it used to work. So I would need to decorate the net name/substring anyway to be able to find it in the schematic.

Yeap, I already knew this. Now, this table area is currently constrained to 3 lines or so. There is something weird with this view, maybe. I cannot increase this area to see the whole or a big view of this table.

Just to make sure I understand what version 6.99 is:
By 6.99, do you mean the source code that made the “final cut” (i.e., snapshot) before the official release of version 6.0 that will, going forward, be the genesis of version 7 ?

6.99 is the major/minor version of the nightly builds today (what will eventually become 7.0)


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