How do i choose wich Atmega 328 should use?

Hi, im relatively new to KiCad coming form Proteus, which i used in school. I want to create my own microcontroller for a project. Im gonna be using the Atmega 328p. But when i search it up in the symbols library i find multiple versions. The links to the datasheets dont work on most of them and the pinout seems to be different for many of them. Is there anyone who could orient me about what the differences are and which i could use for an Arduino Uno replacement?

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Which chip will you be using? There is only one ‘through hole’ part. If that’s the one you want then it is easier. The surface mounts seem to have a few extra pins but they generally are extra grounds or power and not added functionality. Again, this depends on the specific chip.

Pin outs may appear more different that they are. You can move and rename the pins inside the symbol to suit your schematic needs. Most of the data pins have multiple functions and that makes the schematic a mess if you try and use them all in the symbol. Just name the pin for the function you will be using it for.

Welcome aboard and good luck with the project.


he first thing you do is find which part you can actually buy, I am seeing shipping June 2023 for a lot of Atmel parts


A small cutout from the screenshot you posted shows the package at the end of the description:


But I’ll repeat:

For example, If I search at a relatively big european supplier: atmega328 - Gezochte uitdrukking | Elektronische componenten. Distributeur en online winkel - Transfer Multisort Elektronik.

Then they actually have exactly none to sell to you.
And it’s probably the same for lots of other stores.

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