How do I choose the footprint that I just created? (solved)

I’ve created a footprint using the footprint editor, called “abc”

I clicked “Create new library and save current footprint”, I chose a path.

Now I have a file called


My project is




When I try to “Edit Component”->“Footprint”->“Assign Footprint”, I do not know how to find my component “abc”. It does not belong in any of the categories

Please help. What would be great is if I can add a new category, put “abc” inside that category, and still have the file located in C:\AllProjects\TeamName\parts\footprints.pretty\


edit: nevermind, turns out i had to open up pcbnew, go to the library manager, add the path through the wizard

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Correct, maybe the footprint saving process should offer to add the new library to the project