How do I change the orgin?

I want to change the orgin.
I can not find set orgin. only grid set orgin.
How do I change the orgin?

Just select ‘Set origin point for the grid’ and left click with the mouse wherever you need it.
Once it is set, select a different command like the pointing arrow ‘Select item’ command.

User origins are not yet supported.

To avoid confusion we should talk about “coordinate origin”. With spacebar you can set so called “local origin” which has also been called “user origin”.

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And footprints add another feature to the mix. There is the option to set the anchor which kind of translates the footprint to a new origin even on the file level. This is there to be able to easily select a new pick and place origin.

The origin of what exactly?
And what do you want to do with that origin?

My guess:
You have encircled the icon for setting the grid origin.
This is just the origin for the grid, and does not change coordinates.
When setting the grid origin it snaps to (some) graphical objects such as line control points and pin 1 of Footprints, but not other pins! or tracks. If the new grid origin snaps to an object, a circle is added to the cross mouse cursor.

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