How do I assign netlist to circle or arc shape?

Hello all,

My circuit design requires some circular shaped traces. I know how to draw arcs/circles, but am fighting the layout because I am not able to assign a net-list to an arc or circular trace outside of routing mode that restricts to lines only.

My workaround is make the circle/arc on a silkscreen layer and “connect” to the line traces already attached to the net list. Then I switch the arc/circle from silkscreen to copper layer and it lets me do so. But errors appear when design rule check etc…

I would be great to have the net-list appear in the editing window of an arc/circle placed on a copper layer.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

All graphic-items (line, rectangle, circle, arc, polygon) are just that: graphic items without net-property.
Only tracks and zones get a net assigned.
So it’s natural that graphic-items can’t be connected to copper tracks. (because of the clearance values between nets and other copper-items).

The solution for your demand is to first draw all the graphic items (on the copper layer), than convert these graphics to tracks and than assign the desired netname to these tracks. See my answer from 2 days ago: How to get arc tracks - #3 by mf_ibfeew

additional request: always try to write the used kicad-version in the opening question of a topic - the answer depends strongly on the capabilities of the different used kicad versions.

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Thank you for the help. I have version 6.0.10

select the graphic–>RMB–>context menu–>Create from selection–>Create Tracks from selection

RMB means right mouse button correct? Only menu that appears upon doing so gives me option to cancel, zoom or grid only.

RMB == right mouse button click, correct. Use it when the item is selected (than you get the context menu for that selected item - content of menu depends on item).
My workflow above doesn’t works with v6, the “convert to track” command was only introduced with v7.
With kicad v6 you have to stay with your current solution.

@gavincurtis You can do it in v6 but, only with Arc’s and Lines (not full Circle).

Once creating arc/line to Track, need to move the Graphic away (and delete if not needed…) Can draw Arc/Line on desired Layer, including Fcu/Bcu. Example shows drawn on User layer…

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