How do I adjust the minimum gap value for the copper area?

Hello, how can I adjust the minimum value of the gap in the copper area?

As shown in the picture above, I want to keep the gaps close, but DRC says there is a problem. I want to solve the problem by adjusting the minimum value of the interval, but I don’t know where to adjust it. Thank you.
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There is surprisingly little information in your screenshot for it’s 2560x1400 size.

  1. “Minimum gap value” is called “clearance” and you can set it in the zone properties. First click on the edge of a copper zone, and then press e to edit it’s properties.
  2. I see multiple zones defined. You have to set the “Zone priority level” for each zone to define the order in which the zone boundaries are calculated.

But zones are not just drawn to the limits you draw for the boundaries. Those just define the maximum size of a zone. KiCad automatically and are re-calculated when you press b. The hatched lines you see are just the boundaries you have set, and not the real outline of the final zone. To see that you have to adjust the drawing mode of the zone, and set it to: Pcbnew / View / Drawing Mode / Fill Zones

If this still does not work, then please set the GUI to English, run DRC again and post the exact message of the error.

Thank you for the reply. Most of the problems were solved by using the’Zone priority level’ that you informed me. However, some problems remain as shown in the picture below. How do I fix this?

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