How create copper pad with cutoff boardborder?

Hi !
I can’t create pad with cutoff border board - see att picture.
I search it in design pcb rule but without success - any sugestion will be nice :slight_smile:

Do you mean castallated holes?

Basically you just draw the edge cuts over the hole in the pad. Depending on what result you want you might want to offset the hole in the pad as well.

I don’t think castellation is wanted/needed here, it looks like it should be just copper reaching the edge, possibly the edge plated.

Edge plating usually costs more (and I don’t know if your manufacturer can do it, especially in slots).

Depending on the needs, assembly process etc. you could consider keeping it as it is. The two boards are fitted and soldered manually. If the pads are large enough, it’s easy to solder them even when there’s the small clearance. Use a largish iron and good amount of solder, and it will be fine. Leave the minimum clearance between the pad and the slot edge. And remember that it’s impossible (at least for low cost) to create sharp inner corners – you should make the slot wider and round the corners. And now it’s too close to the board edge.

Is this an edge clearance problem?

File / Board Setup / Design Rules / Constraints / Copper to edge clearance?

I’m no professional in pcb manufacturing, but I don’t see how that’s possible. If the slot is milled first, then how could the plating process plate only the area between the top and bottom pads, and not the space in between the pads? If the slot is milled after the plating, then I dont see how it would be possible to get an edge that straight. Either the plated parts should be a bit further in (as with castallated holes), or the entire edge could be plated but then there must be a small isolation slot milled between each pad afterwards.

There’s probably a process which I’m not familiar with. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

You right and I change clearance size in setting tab.

and voila - all is OK

Now is all OK !

Thank’s for all answer !

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Not all pcb manufacturers will like that… Jlcpcb has a min clearence of 0.2 mm from track to edge. I believe that it’s the same with pads.

Also: Router bits are round, and they can not make sharp inside corners, and if you get your PCB back the corners will be rounded.

So better plan in advance and draw the rounded corners in the slot itself and then also make sure that whatever you want to fit in the hole still fits.

Pleased to help.

Don’t forget @eelik 's comments about manufacturing the slot.

You right, but pad isn’t track :slight_smile:

I can always use a hand file :slight_smile:

Even if minimum is .2mm, it is much easier to bridge with solder than the original picture.
Probably have to decrease the width of the plug-in board a little as both Eelik and Paul mention…
round holes and square pegs can be a problem.

It sure isn’t. I should have used a different example.

Here’s one from Pcbcart instead.

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