How could set via no solder mask

I used Kicad to palce some via on big pad like as

And how could set these GND via with solder mask setting. Because I just want these via like heat dissipation hole.

If pad 37 is an SMT pad, then it won’t get solder mask, and neither will the vias.

You didn’t specified if you want these vias to be without solder mask only on top, or you want them being not covered by solder mask also at bottom.

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I Just want these pad to be without solder mask only on top is enough.For I want to connect the pad to the pad of chip’s bottom.

OK, I get it. thanks.

Hello, I also needed blank vias and copper areas some time ago.
I tried to place areas and select the MASK layer in their properties window. But that wasnt possible, only copper layers available there.

With the help of this forum :+1: I learned to FIRST select the MASK layer and THEN create the desired NO-MASK area (a different area properties window opens !)

I would prefer if I could select layers freely in the standard properties window but I get what I want anyway.