How could layout in pcbnew with complex symbols

I draw a little complex schematic as:
I meet the problem with how to layout theses symbols in a more efficient way?I try selecting multiple devices in the schematic diagram, and then directly use plug-ins like hierplace to lay out these devices in pcbnew? but failed in kicad version V5.1.6-fc32, is there any other way to reduce the layout diffculty?

Do I understand correctly that you didn’t create a schematic and went straight into pcbnew?

What you say is a bit confusing because this is a beginning of a layout with footprints, not a schematic with symbols.

This looks so complex that you probably should be using hierarchical sheets (Hierarchical or flat schematic design, what is best for me? (How to deal with multi page schematics?)). You can open the context menu on a footprint on the layout and Select->Items in Same Hierarchical Sheet. Then you can move the footprints which probably belong together. I think Hierplace automates this, but it only does grouping, and you have to rotate and place each individual footprint manually. Yes, that’s difficult, but it’s a necessary part of the layout design process until someone writes an AI which makes layout design guys unnecessary.

You have to start with the complex ICs, probably near the centre of the board and the connectors on the edges, where you want them. Placing all the Rs and Cs is usually done later

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Sorry, for the new user restric i put the pcb picture in the topic, now i add the schematic pic as:

this is the schematic relate with the pcb pic in this topic, i draw all symbol in a sheet, is there a efficient way to place there componets in pcb (layout)?

It’s very hard to see but unless you are using labels, it doesn’t look like you have connected the components in the schematic.

yeah, i use netlables.

Ok in that case the workflow is to do an ERC, correct any errors, assign footprints to all the symbols and export to pcbnew. Then you will see ratsnest lines connecting the components and you start adjusting the placement and routing.

Perhaps you should read a tutorial on the Kicad workflow. Do a search on the FAQs from the top of this web page.

i have done these steps and stuck with adjusting the placement, now i try finding a efficient way to adjusting the placement, then i will routing.

This is where PCB designers earn their salary. Look at the constraints of the PCB. Where will the connectors be? Which components have a lot of connections? Where does the power enter? Where are the signals connected? Which components need high current? Which signal lines are sensitive? What about clearance and assembly? and dozens of other factors I have missed others will certainly point out. Look at other designs, practice a lot, be willing to redo the placement if a configuration isn’t working out.


You probably should divide the MCU symbol into units and the schematic into hierarchical sheets. As far as I can see Hierplace doesn’t work unless you use hierarchical sheets which divide the schematic into logical functional parts. There’s high chance that components in one sheet belong together also physically. Then you can easily place the footprints section by section.

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maybe this is the only way now.

eh, tks for your replay.

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