How can this technique be realized in KiCad

I noticed this very cool “printing” of Alchitry’s logo on their boards and would like to do something similar for my boards. How is this done and how might this be achieved in KiCad? I’m thinking I would have my logo as footprint (already know how to do this and add it to the silk screen layer). But I’m thinking one needs to subtract the solder mask top layer where the logo is?

What are we supposed to see, it’s hard for me to make out? Bare copper or HASL for the logos? That’s done by putting the logos in the mask layer, which will then create “holes” in the mask and expose the copper and allowing it to be coated with the finish.

It’s actually a Solder Resist mask layer . . . so where you want bare copper logo detail you just copy theses features to the relevant (Front/Back) mask layer.

Thanks @retiredfeline Yes, that is what I was wondering. the red arrows point to the items that look like the mask is removed.

I’ll give this a try today @RaptorUK Thanks for your input

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