How can Kicad open and edit svg file?

How can we have Kicad to open and edit svg file to edit it as schematic drawing ?

If by “scematic drawing” you mean a whole schematic, it’s not possible because an svg file doesn’t have information which KiCad could interpret as schematic. At least in theory it should be possible to embed that kind of information in an svg file, but it would need an application which draws and produces that kind of svg file, and it would need a converter script or a native importer in KiCad. It would be only another schematic file format.

If you mean only graphics, KiCad can embed pixel graphics, so you have to convert the file to a pixel format image. KiCad can’t use scalable graphics formats in the schematic.

" KiCad can embed pixel graphics"
What kind or type of file is that supposed to be and what common tool can do such ?

Pixel graphic is opposite to vector graphic. Any bitmap image file is pixel graphic. I have just tried and put (Place-Image) my PCB image in *.png file at my schematic. I have also tried it with *.jpg foto - it also works.

I use IrfanView and GIMP.

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