How can I use in a project parts of schematic from another projects?

There are “New project from template” option. But it is something different: there are several Arduino, Raspberry PI and other option. Though there is “User template” option, but I can not take any schematic as it is, it looks like I need to do something to existed schematic to convert one to a template.
Recently I copied schematic file from folder of an old project to the folder of the new one. But this approach have some inconveniences: if the copied schematic used a components from libraries beyond standards they converted to a box with a question mark; I can not use schematic from several projects…

Is there any “embedded” way to do this in KiCad?

Just point the new project to the same libraries as the ones, where the shematic came from, restart KiCAD and the symbols should reappear.

As for the template question - no idea, didn’t try that one yet… with just one new project every 1-2 weeks it didn’t get too much of a nuisance yet for me to explore this :sunglasses:

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copy also cache.lib from the old project and add to library list in the new one. When you save the project the symbols from old cache.lib should be cached in new cache.lib so the old one can be removed.

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