How can I select pad on pcbnew?

I want use pad2pad track length plugin. It need me to select two pad, but it is difficult for me because when I try to select the pad, It select whole BGA footprint. Any one can help me? Very thanks!

Check your footprint properties (e or right click on your footprint->properties) and chage the “Move and Place” to “Lock pads”

Also set checkbox “Pads” under selection filter (bottom right corner of main pcb editor window)

Or set the selection filter to only select pads and nothing but pads?


Recently I’ve had some trouble with selecting pads too.
It seems to be related to the grid, but I don’t fully understand what’s happening.
Sometimes it looks like that if you click somewhere, then KiCad does not use the coordinate where you clicked, but uses the nearest grid coordinate to where you clicked, and if that nearest grid coordinate is just outside of the pad, then it selects the whole footprint (or a track or another item).

This problem manifests itself if you want to move a pad of a footprint to a track end. Then you have to hover over a certain pad, then press m to grab an move the footprint, but when the grid is set to a coarse value (for example 5mm) then it often grabs the footprint by the wrong pad or by it’s center location. If I set the grid to a small value (such as 0.1mm) then it works as expected.

I have already created a bug report for this on gitlab.
If this is the reason you’re having troubles, then upvote it on gitlab:

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