How can I open this PCB version?

(kicad_pcb (version 20210722) (generator pcbnew)

This is the version information on line 1 of the downloaded PCB file.

What can I open this version with?

I’m using the latest version of version 5.1.10-1.

The unstable development version, nightly builds (5.99).

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Do you have a downloadable link?

Choose your OS, scroll down to section called “nightly builds” or similar, read the instructions.

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IMHO “unstable” sounds worse than it is. Somewhat like saying that it is risky to ride a bicycle in traffic. But many of us enjoy the advantages of the 5.99 versions, and I rode a bicycle in traffic for many thousands of miles. (Note the latter was before smartphones enabled irresponsible people to text while driving.) The recent 5.99 versions are very usable and generally do not fall over.

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