How can I make PCB's lateral pads?


Dear All,

I’m developing an SMD Module and I’m looking for lateral pads (like and SMD microprocessor)? I cannot find inside the libs nothing that can help me.

Any idea? Someone can help me?

Thx, Igor


If you don’t find something in the libs, then draw your own footprint. It’s very easy.


Ok, but it is not so easy to create pads like the ones used in the attached picture!


Actually, it is very easy… (search for castellated pads).

You just place a through hole connector, then draw the pcb edge through the middle of the pads.


Maybe also worth noting: You might want to talk to your pcb manufacturer if they can create castelated pads.


Thx to all, I’ll try this evening and also I’ll talk with PCB manufacturer.