How can I make pads out of circles from a dxf/svg file?

I made some footprints on rhino, I did not use the kicad’s footprint editor because I do dislike it

the problem is now that I can’t figure out, how to convert the imported file in anything usefull, like with pads

any help?

Doing it without the KiCad Footprint editor is going to be much more difficult that doing it with it. You can add custom graphics (imported from CSV/DXF) to pads, but that would again require opening and using the Footprint editor.

The basic step is to create a pad, right click it, choose “Edit pad as Graphic Shapes” and that will allow you to edit the pad shape. If you previously had imported or drawn a custom shape, operlap it with the pad and choose that option and the shape will be automatically applied to the pad.

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