How can I make a big array on schematic editor, without making it confusing or too big?

I mean I can make the sheet paper bigger or place notes about how many components there are in it, but maybe there is a better way to do that

maybe I could make a portion of the array, and then annotate 2x times more or something alike, but then the problem would be the association with the pcb editor, wouldnt it break things?

One way of doing this is with hierarchical sheets.

The principle is that you draw a single row of your matrix on a separate sheet, and then create an instance of that sheet for each row. It does take some fiddling to figure out how to work with hierarchical sheets and hierarchical labels to connect everything properly. But if you do so, then KiCad is smart enough to multiply the parts on that single sheet with the number of times the sheet is used, and make all connections.

I suggest you experiment with this on a small dummy project until you’ve figured out the workflow.

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