How can I importing .art (allegro) gerber files?

so they gave me some gerber files, but every file is under an .art format…

googling around I don’t seem to find any sort of converter or importers, so I don’t know what could I do with them

I’m pretty sure gerbers have defined extensions.

in this case not, as I see they are forumats of an allegro software

Gerbers can more or less have any extension (there are a few conventions), but the contents should work regardless. You should not need to convert anything.

I am assuming you are just trying to open the gerbers with KiCad’s gerber viewer, but please specify if you’re trying to do something different.

You should be able to just open them in the gerber viewer (File → Open Gerber Plots) after setting the file filter to “all files”:


Alternatively you could just change the file extension to .gbr

As gkeeth already wrote, file extensions do not mean much for Gerber files. However, Gerbers are a text based format, so the first thing you should do is to open them in a text editor and then verify whether they look like actual gerber files, or if it’s something different.

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