How can I have a V+ plane Surrounded by a ground plane

My (2 sided) board has a ground plane on much of the bottom layer. I would like to have a small V+ plane (or area) in copper for heat spreading.

I’ve created the ground plane. Then I’ve created a small area and assigned it to V+. However when I look at the 3D, The ground plane covers the area where the V+ plane should be.
I’ve performed ^B then B a number of times with no luck.

If I put a keep out area on the bottom where the V+ would be, I cannot add the V+ plane.

Any suggestions?


I think what you want is to edit the “Zone Priority Level”.
You can do that by first selecting a zone by clicking on it’s boundary and then hitting the “e” key for edit.

For more info about Zone Priorities you can read the Pcbnew Manual.
On my Linux box it’s on:


But it’s also on the Kicad website under help / documentation.

Might want to fix the autocorrect in the topic title too.

Got it… thanks.

And I did fix the title.

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