How can I get bounding box shown in 3D viewer?

Hi Everyone,

Is there a way to access the bounding box (coordinates) of the component shown typically in green at the 3D viewer?


Bounding Box surrounds the full part.

Footprints are generated by many folks/companies and it’s up to the creator to determine where it’s origin 0,0 is located.

There are two useful Reports (File>Fabrication-Outputs>Footprint Report and Component) containing their location and dim’s.
The location is for their 0,0 relative to the Page Origin at Top-Left (or, relative to selection in the output panel).

When clicking the Footprint, thin red-lines show relationship…

As far as I know, there isn’t a dimension showing lower/upper… corners of the Box.

You can read the Info at the Window’s bottom and use the Measuring Tool’s and add Dimension’s

Thanks for the answer.

I have checked the reports, but those are only 2D coordinates. I am actually looking for the 3D bounding box, I mean the one is in green for each component. So there should be at least 8 points, x,y,z in the 3D viewer.

I am wondering if I can access that data,

the reports have dimensions but is not standarized data.

I see, I forgot about ‘Z’.

No, there is no info about Z. If you have the Model or STEP file (or STL/other) you can get the info using FreeCAD/other…

Also, I forgot you can grab the same data I showed by turning on the “Show Properties Mgr”.

Perhaps not very useful if you use s CAD tool but, you can use OpenStepViewer (probably others) to get the approx data… (screenshot) I left the default units at Meters…

I use FreeCAD but show using OpenStepViewer. I exported STEP of PCB from Kicad and loaded it into OpenStep